Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

There are so many compelling, magnetic stories of leaders and organizations unfolding everyday that can help all of us. John’s books and articles bring these stories to life, describing how they navigate through the ups and downs of value creation (and destruction), offering knowledge and maps outlining the different paths you can take.

Of course, you'll have to create your own path, but recognize
that perfection is not the goal - progress is. In the spirit of Ben Franklin,
you'll then be able to do something worth emulating.



Radical Business:
How to Transform Your Organization in the Age of Global Crisis

Sports Marketing: Creating Long Term Value

Measuring Marketing: The 100+ Essential Metrics Every Marketer Needs

Measuring Marketing: 110+ Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs

The Olympic Games Effect: How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands

The Market Oriented University: Transforming Higher Education

Magic Numbers for Sales Management: Key Measures to Evaluate Sales Success

Competitive Success: How Branding Adds Value

Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing: Key Measures to Evaluate Marketing Success

Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs

The Olympic Games Effect: How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands - First Edition

CEO Today -
5 Lessons in a Business Strategy for the Age of Perpetual Crisis

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Moving into the future: An ambitious modernization agenda is beginning to transform the International Monetary Fund

Dialogue Review - Marketing for the next normal

Dialogue Review - Distinctively different

Dialogue Review -
Culture by design

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Get a Grip on Global Reputation

Dialogue Review - Marketing must help business become a force for good

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The Five Ambassadors of Leadership

Dialogue Review -
The Olympics is a brand-building champion

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Brand of gold

Harvard Business
- Think Small in Olympic Sponsorship

Harvard Business
- Scoring the London Olympics’ Performance