Engaging and insightful workshops and executive education events that build globally conscious organizations. Delivered in-person or virtually.

Customized Workshops

We help enterprises by showing their leaders practical steps to take towards contributing to the world in a distinctive, positive way that creates economic and social value. Whether in-person or virtual, our bespoke workshops are highly engaging, providing tools for a meaningful impact.

Based on John’s work with organizations and leaders in over 40 countries, best-selling books and applied research on over 300 organizations worldwide, these workshops are tailored to your specific needs.

Ready to Go Workshops

We offer quick tune-up workshops that will inspire your team and new thinking. The latest topics are:

The 4 Values That Drive Meaningful and Measurable Growth

Drive impactful value gain by focusing on the 4 areas of value.


Building Your Organization’s Reputation

Build positive credibility and improve loyalty from valuable stakeholders
that catalyzes your organization.

What You Can Do to Become a Top Performing Leader

Energize people and inspire performance gains by focusing on 5 key behaviors.

During times when our organizations are facing rapid global changes and challenges, it's more critical than ever to invest time in professional development and organizational health. Give your leadership team the inspiration and insights they need to make the necessary paradigm shift in becoming a force for good for society.