The Hummingbird Effect

Believes in evidence & facts. Has more hair than his brothers. Has size 10 feet. Is not a fan of durian. Is a fan of most everything else. Thinks his dogs need to take more initiative around the house.

What is the Hummingbird Effect?

An experience in one area can create unexpected breakthroughs in a completely unrelated area. If there is a common thread throughout John’s career then it is woven around expertise in brand and marketing strategy, which has sparked his deeper curiosity about how people and organizations can become a force for good that he now gets to explore as part of Duke CE’s leadership team. He’s worked in multiple sectors, inspiring his research questions which, in turn, have fed his appetite for new leadership challenges. He’s run businesses ranging from start-up to $1 billion and led teams ranging from 5 to 1,000. He’s run national sales forces, global marketing and business development teams, worked in hotels, restaurants, high tech, sports, consumer products and academia. He has founded 2 companies and has helped lead numerous business acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic partnerships. He’s helped turn around struggling organizations. He’s been a business school dean, department chair, professor and is a best selling author, now working on his 11th and 12th books. He’s given countless talks in dozens of countries, sharing insights about the practices of leaders and organizations, including his own, that have failed and succeeded. He’s traveled and worked with leaders in over 40 countries. He’s run 60,000 miles in his life to date. He and his family have moved over 30 times. His career has not been traditional; more like a portfolio of experiences, with each layering upon the previous, creating hummingbird breakthroughs big and small. And he feels like he’s just getting started. One thing he is not: comfortable with sitting still.

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