Brand New View Bootcamps

Brand New View has a superb global community of educators with deep expertise in their domains. US domestic bootcamps range from 1 to 3 days. International bootcamps are 3 days. For those seeking an introduction to these important areas, shorter, partial day workshops are also available. Programs are designed for boards, executive leadership, and upper middle management. We also design custom learning journeys to help with unique leadership challenges. 

Sustainability Bootcamp

There is no question that our natural environment is changing. So, too, are the pressures on our organizations to embrace differences, knowing that this understanding strengthens our ability to create lasting solutions. In this bootcamp you will learn to develop meaningful and measurable actions that improve sustainability, positively impact society, and transform your organization into a force for good. 

Leadership Bootcamp

The world is undergoing rapid change in an era often referred to as one of polycrisis. The leadership bootcamp accelerates your readiness for these converging challenges. Leaders are needed who can help inspire people and organizations to successfully navigate a myriad of surprises. This bootcamp includes learning about the behaviors of top performing leaders through our Five Ambassadors framework. 

Innovation Bootcamp

In the 21st century the growth models of the 20th century-style world are obsolete. Creating, delivering and capturing new sources of value by applying varied drivers of innovation will help leaders guide their organizations toward more prosperous and positive contributions to society.

Brand Bootcamp (for organizations)

For decades businesses worldwide have focused on a narrow definition of success. With today’s unprecedented changes, business as usual no longer works. In its place is the need to create purpose-led value that builds an enduring reputation for genuine, positive contribution. This bootcamp will show you how to apply 8 key principles that drive long-term organization success.

Brand You Bootcamp (for individuals)

Inspiring confidence in others is crucial to career and organizational success. There are six core actions the best leaders demonstrate that can be practiced, helping you strengthen your credibility and improve how others experience you.

Sports Bootcamp

Sport has been an essential part of the fabric of human communities for millennia. In the 21st century, we have seen the power and influence of sports, clubs, and athletes on society. This bootcamp shares the insights and lessons from sport that lead to extraordinary performance for anyone interested in improving their personal and professional lives.