John is the best-selling author of numerous books on strategy, branding, marketing, sports, and is an award-winning business school professor.

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Radical Business: How to Transform Your Organization in the Age of Global Crisis

We live in an age of global crises, from spiraling income inequality to the climate emergency. Businesses have been major contributors to the problems we face, but they are also uniquely well-placed to effect positive change. So what can businesses do to shift from being a makers of goods to a force for good?

Sports Marketing: Creating Long Term Value

Sports Marketing explores the latest sports marketing business practices, helping marketers make effective management and marketing investment decisions. This comprehensive textbook discusses relevant marketing theory and related practices within sports marketing.

The Olympic Games Effect: How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands

The important lessons of past Olympics will be used to show a hundred year-plus tradition based on a several thousand year old testament to the love of sports and competition, revealing how, in recent years, this has evolved into a seductively attractive vehicle for a wide range of audiences, from consumers to corporations.

Measuring Marketing: The 100+ Essential Metrics Every Marketer Needs

The demands of a more dynamic, globalized business world have led to sophisticated methods for quantifying marketing success. This informative guide defines and explains the use of more than 110 key marketing metrics for the success of your business. In eleven focused sections, this resource makes otherwise complex topics understandable. 

Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing: Key Measures to Evaluate Marketing Success

Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing specifically describes key marketing measures commonly used in business. The book is designed to help marketers and non-marketers alike recognize the best measures to use when assessing the performance of marketing programs.

The Market Oriented University: Transforming Higher Education

Disruptive innovations are challenging traditional forms of learning and in many cases are viewed as better alternatives to traditional learning in the classroom. While experts don’t expect the higher education sector to collapse under these challenges, they do believe that for some institutions the future looks bleak. If universities are to avoid closures or mergers, they will need to adopt a market-oriented approach.

Magic Numbers for Sales Management: Key Measures to Evaluate Sales Success

A key challenge sales professionals confront is how to measure the various activities they perform in the sales planning, selling and execution, and post-sales review phases of the customer relationship.

Magic Numbers for Sales Management: Key Measures to Evaluate Sales Success is a ready-reference for sales and marketing professionals who seek clear descriptions of over 50 of the most important sales metrics and formulas.

Competitive Success: How Branding Adds Value

Competitive Success: How Branding Adds Value explains how companies can realize substantial competitive advantages and gains in financial and perceptive value if they develop a brand-centric philosophy. It describes the latest brand frameworks, emphasizing their practical applications.