Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

There are so many compelling, magnetic stories of leaders and organizations unfolding everyday that can help all of us. John’s books and articles bring these stories to life, describing how they navigate through the ups and downs of value creation (and destruction), offering knowledge and maps outlining the different paths you can take.

Of course, you’ll have to create your own path, but recognize that perfection is not the goal – progress is. You’ll get better as you learn more, shining a light on the path for others that is inspiring and worthy of emulation.


A collection of writings and resources on how businesses can create a more sustainable and positive impact. 


Learn key insights about how leaders develop their organizations to become a force for social and economic good.

Organizations & Culture

Selected articles about the role of learning in your company and how it must change in order to help reinvigorate your culture.


Learn how investing in values and innovation quickly accelerates business growth, redefines success, and delivers positive societal impact.

Branding, Marketing, Innovation

Learn why and how investing in values and innovation strengthens your company and is the new definition of success.


Articles discussing how sport imparts important lessons that impact us as individuals and our businesses.