John has started 2 companies, spent time as a Fortune 500 executive, served as a business school dean and professor, written 11 books (so far), run 60,000 miles, worked with leaders in over 40 countries, moved 33 times, had 17 pets, lived in Singapore for 15 years, has 3 wonderful kids, 1 amazing wife, a life-long penchant for new experiences, and a love of really good, rich coffee.

We learn through stories, which John shares through the evidence-based examples of people and organizations he has studied, giving unfiltered perspectives of the lessons they teach. If you've worked with him before, then you know he brings a lot of energy, humor and, yes, provocation and insight. Whether big audiences or small, he'll engage you (so you can't hide in row 67...).

Global conferences where he has spoken include: TEDx (China), World Knowledge Forum (Korea), YPOs (Singapore), American Marketing Association, BrandFinance Annual Forum (London), Global Brand Forum (Hong Kong), Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Tokyo, IHG Investors (Egypt.)

He is regularly interviewed by global media including: CNBC, BBC, MSNBC, ChannelNews Asia, Bloomberg, New York Times, and more.

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