John is perpetually curious. He knows how to help leaders and organizations create meaningful and measurable value because he has run businesses ranging from start-up to a billion dollars in value. He has cultivated deep relationships with leaders in multiple countries, featuring many of them in his books and articles; and has helped build, inspire and run complex organizations from his work as a Fortune 500 leader (Nike, Informix, Transamerica), entrepreneur, professor, business school dean, author and consultant. 

As an entrepreneur he started two companies in college-a restaurant and an entertainment promotion firm, and years later two award winning companies: Northwest Resorts, a boutique resort firm; and Brand New View, a brand/strategy consultancy.

His experience working with organizations at different stages of maturity and across a wide variety of sectors includes: sports, hospitality, high tech, consumer products, energy, finance, government, travel, manufacturing, conglomerates, and family-owned businesses. 

John is currently Regional Managing Director for Duke CE, part of the Duke University System.  Previously, he has taught at Stanford, Singapore Management University, SP Jain School of Global Management, the International Olympic Academy, University of Washington, University of Oregon, Emerson College and in partner programs with several business schools including Wharton and Chicago.

In short, he has helped businesses navigate vexing situations and unique opportunities, built and led dispersed global teams, launched dozens of products worldwide, and helped turn around underperforming organizations.

On a personal note, John has travelled to over 43 countries, with many more planned. He and his family lived in Asia for 15 years, absorbing and learning from dozens of unique and diverse cultures. They still travel globally whenever their schedules allow. An avid runner, he has logged more than 60,000 miles, running everywhere he has travelled. The hottest? Dubai when it was 48 degrees celsius. The coldest? -11 degrees Celsius in Stowe, Vermont. His favorite? A place called Duck Cove, a family-owned retreat.

His family has always loved animals. At one point they had a horse, 2 ponies, 3 dogs, 4 cats, several birds and fish, but no kangaroos or honey badgers. He and his wife now have two dogs, a labradoodle named Milo, and a cavoodle named Ninja. Milo enjoys napping when he’s not busy resting, and Ninja enjoys interfering with Milo’s sleep. Their kids are grown and have added to this zoo: another labradoodle named Frankie (with the world’s longest eyebrows) and 4 cats: Dr. Potato Spaceman (don’t ask), Shikari, Meatball and Captain Insano. John earned his degrees from Stanford University and Columbia University.

“John is a very rare breed in industry – a highly talanted marketer with a forensic mind that looks at marketing through a commercial lens. I met John last year at a Brand Finance event in London and was blown away by his research in peeling back the veneer of the Olympic Games as well as his capacity to want to push further the boundaries in our understanding of attitudes, values, beliefs, perceptions and behaviors of consumers.”


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