businesses to be a force for good.

John's engaging talks and dynamic workshops energize and inspire participants to move towards a more responsible future.

Transform your organization by creating positive
value through addressing society’s most
pressing and urgent needs.

Global Perspectives

Over 3.3 billion people are employed globally and the majority work in for-profit businesses. That translates to business having the single biggest footprint and most leverage to creative positive impact.

Award Winning Academic and Business Leader, and Best-Selling Author John Davis, has worked with leaders and organizations in over 40 countries to reimagine their business models.


Greek: μαζί (mazí) - together.

Inspired by the deep and meaningful conversations that often flow around Greek dinner tables. John curates an intimate mastermind event that brings together industry experts for insightful discussions on how to positively 'impact'.

What's Coming

John is working on two new books: one about what businesses worldwide must do to create a more sustainable and positive impact; another about the attributes and behaviors of top performers, based on years of work and research with leaders in over 40 countries.

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Books & Articles

Either write something worth reading or
do something worth writing.


John knows how to help
business leaders create
meaningful and measurable
value. He has helped build, inspire
and run complex organizations as a
Fortune 500 leader (Nike, Informix,
Transamerica), entrepreneur, professor,
business school dean,
best-selling author and consultant.
We learn through stories, which
John shares through the
evidence-based examples of
people and organizations he has
studied, giving unfiltered
perspectives of the lessons they
teach. If you've worked with him
before, then you know he brings
a lot of energy, humor and, yes,
provocation and insight.
Whether big audiences or small,
he'll engage you (so you can't hide in row 67...).
Global conferences where he has
spoken include: TEDx (China),
World Knowledge Forum (Korea),
YPOs (Singapore), American
Marketing Association,
BrandFinance Annual Forum
(London), Global Brand Forum
(Hong Kong), Entrepreneurs
Organization (EO) Tokyo, IHG
Investors (Egypt.)