Measuring Marketing: 
110+ Key Metrics Every Marketing Needs (2nd edition)

This fully revised and updated new edition discusses the key marketing metrics needed for successfully measuring the performance of an organization's marketing investments. CEOs and CFOs regularly ask for one simple way to assess the efficacy of marketing campaigns, but the fact is that there isn't one single measure of performance. Measuring Marketing helps marketers figure out what they can and should be measuring and when.

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John has written articles for Harvard Business Review online, the International Journal of Advertising (peer-reviewed), and business periodicals.

Best Selling Books
His books, focused around brand leadership and marketing measurement, are the result of extensive research and workshops with dozens of organisations each year. His latest book, The Market Oriented University, is co-authored with Dr. Mark Farrell.

Brand Leadership Series
The Brand Leadership Series focuses on the best practices of the world’s leading brands in both sports and non-sports industries. 

Measuring Marketing Series
The Marketing Measurement Series is dedicated to helping CEOs, marketing leaders, and general managers more effectively measure their respective marketing and sales activities.
Magic Numbers for Sales Management

Sales is one of the most challenging professions. Magic Numbers for Sales Management helps senior management and sales professionals measure key sales activities. It is the ideal resource for top performers in every company.

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Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing

Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing provides key marketing measures for consumer-oriented companies. It is an excellent resource for busy consumer marketers.

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Competitive Success:

How Branding Adds Value

Competitive Success provides detailed guidance for companies seeking to build successful brands, gain substantial competitive advantage, and growth in both perceptive and financial value. The book features John’s brand value framework, based on his ongoing research, supported by dozens of case studies of top performing niche, regional and global brands.



The Olympic Games Effect:

How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands (2nd edition)

The Olympic Games Effect, offers compelling evidence of the benefits and risks of sponsoring the Olympic Games, revealing unique insights into how companies can positively transform their businesses through sports marketing.


Sports Marketing

Creating Long-Term Value

Sports Marketing, is co-authored with Jessica Zutz Hilbert. The book examines the global sports industry, with new original case studies, providing the latest insights on the sports industry and its benefits to companies seeking to build successful brands.

“One of the Best Marketing Books” of 2012-Expert Marketer Magazine
“This delightful book provides the strategic and thoughtful guidance to succeed in the increasingly important field of sports marketing


The next decade will be transformative for the higher education sector. Government funding is decreasing. Disruptive innovations are challenging traditional forms of learning and in many cases are viewed as better alternatives to traditional learning in the classroom. Competition from private educational providers is increasing. In short, universities around the world are facing a perfect storm. If universities are to avoid closures or mergers, they will need to adopt a market-oriented approach.

...”This is not another book that says “universities should be run like businesses.” The authors are experienced enough to understand that the long term purposes of universities are different from those of a typical for profit corporation..”

Howard Hunter, President Emeritus, Singapore Management University

“...Davis and Farrell offer a fascinating and persuasive reflection on how universities and their markets have been evolving into the 21st century world of increasingly vigorous competition, rapidly changing technology, and dwindling government financial support.”

Christopher Adam, Professor of Finance, Associate Dean-UNS

“...a refreshing interpretation from a market-oriented view...”

Jin Han, Professor of Marketing, Singapore Management University